Frequently asked questions

Are Spirit Steels reusable?

Yes, think of them as reusable ice cubes that will last forever.

How do I use Spirit Steels?

Just store them in your freezer and when you need to cool a beverage or keep one cold pull them out and drop them into your glassware.

How long do they need to be in your freezer before using?

This depends on your freezer’s temperature, but 1-2 hours usually does the trick!

What are Spirit Steels made from?

Spirit Steels are made from high quality food grade stainless steel and filled with a food safe liquid that is sealed inside.

Are Spirit Steels Dishwasher safe?

Yes, but a simple hand rinse and dry before putting them back in the freezer is recommended.

How long will they stay cold?

It depends on the temperature of your drink and the amount of liquid being cooled… but a long time. The “Baller” will stay ice cold for well over 3 hours if you just set it on your counter top.

Do I have to get a fresh one out of the freezer if I go back for a second or third beer or glass of wine?

No, this is the beauty of Sprit Steels. They have so much thermal capacity that you can use the same one for multiple drinks.

Do you have problems with these sliding down and damaging your teeth?

No, Spirit Steel are half the density of soap stone so they don’t cause any damage. Their lightweight nature makes them much safer than stones or solid metal.    We have included a video of how the Baller behaves in an average pint glass when you are finishing your drink.   As long as you are aware of how they behave you will not have any issues.

Can they be used to cool coffee, tea or soda?

Yes, they will work in any type of liquid.  I even use them to cool down soups if they are too hot to eat.  Below is a temperature profile for iced coffee.  Three separate ceramic mugs were filled with 8 oz of 185F degree coffee and a variety of Spirit Steels.
Ice coffee profile plot

How long will a Baller keep a 12oz beer cold?

This depends on how warm the beer was to start. A single Baller will keep a chilled beer cold (~45F) for over an hour.

Will Spirit Steels impart a different taste to my beverage?

No, Spirit Steels are electropolished and are made from a food grade stainless steel so they will not change the taste of the liquid they are being used in.

How do I clean or care for my Spirit Steels?

We recommend hand washing them with a mild soap, drying them, and tossing them in your freezer. Using an abrasive cleaner such as “Comet” will damage the surface finish and make them have a “matte” or less shiny.

How big are Spirit Steels and what do they weight?

See the product pages for this information: Baller and Shorty

Can I heat up my Spirit Steels and use them for coffee, tea, etc?

No, we do not recommend that you heat your Spirit Steels above 100C. You will damage your Spirit Steels if you microwave, boil, or put them over a heat source like a stove.

What happens if I drop them?

Spirit Steels have ben designed to survive a 4 foot drop onto solid concrete.

Will they stay shiny forever?

If cared for properly, Spirit Steels will remain shiny for many years. Like all metal if they are cleaned with an abrasive cleaning agent the shiny surface will wear over time and turn into a  “matte” finish.    However, this will not effect the way they work.

Will you ship internationally?

No, we are not shipping internationally at this time.

Do Spirit Steels work better than ice?

No, technically we get very close, but ice is the worlds most efficient food safe, passive phase change cooling solutionThe reason Spirit Steels don’t work as well, is ice floats and dissipates into the liquid.  When this happens the cold liquid sinks down so it cools the liquid (if its in a tall glass) quicker than an equivalent volume spirit steel. They will cool to roughly 90% of an equivalent piece of ice (same volume), but will take a little longer.  You can reduce this time buy agitating the liquid.  Spirit Steels were really designed to out perform soap stones or solid metal equivalents.