The Baller



Product Description

Developed for beer, wine or iced coffee drinkers. The Baller’s unique shape allows for the most phase change material as possible and still works perfectly in your glassware. It features a small flat spot on one side to allow you to set it down on a countertop and not roll off.

Each Baller can absorb 15,500 joules of energy. That is ten times the cooling capacity of its soapstone equivalent.

Size: 2″ sphere with small flat

Weight: 3.4oz

Material: Polished stainless steel filled with food-safe liquid.


  • Baller Set – 2 Ballers ($35)
  • Baller Plus Set – 4 Ballers ($55)
  • Enthusiast Set – 2 Ballers plus 2 Shorties ($50)

Additional Information


Baller Set (2 units), Baller Plus Set (4 units), Enthusiast Set (2 Ballers plus 2 Shorties)


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