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The Shorty



Product Description

Developed for drinking spirits neat or for crafted cocktails. The Shorty’s distinctive shape allows it to sit firmly on the bottom on your glassware when swirling for nosing. It has smooth gentle edges to prevent damage and scratching.

Each Shorty can absorb 6,920 joules of energy. That is six times the cooling capacity of its soapstone equivalent.

Size: 1.85″ diameter, 0.75″ tall

Weight: 1.7oz

Material: Polished stainless steel filled with food-safe liquid


  • Shorty Set – 2 Shorties ($30)
  • Shorty Plus Set – 4 Shorties ($50)
  • Enthusiast Set – 2 Shorties plus 2 Ballers ($50)

Additional Information


Shorty Set (2 units), Shorty Plus Set (4 units), Enthusiast Set (2 Shorties plus 2 Ballers)


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